In my opinion, living in a village near by a city is difficult and easy at the same time.
         Firstly, the benefit is that you have fresh air when you open the window in the morning. You can always have time for yourself, near a tree, or in a garden, without being disturbed. And you can grown your own vegetables or fruit, and in that way you will be more healthier inside and outside. If you have nice neighbors, you can find a lot of things in common with them.
        Secondly, there are a lot of things that are difficult, especially in winter. If itís snowing, you have to put a lot of clothes on you, because you have to walk a lot in the snow. Usually, villages are not privileged with snow-cars that can make everything white disappear through the night. So, you have to clean your way, alone. Also, the money you invest in transport with shuttle will be much more than you give for a ride with a bus. And there are a lot of times when you will not be able to go somewhere when you want, because your bus leaves at certain times. Also, those who have a car, will have to pay more for the benzine, because obviously you will consume more.  But if you are in school, your biggest wish is to have snow everyday so you can stay home and drink hot chocolate while others are going to their classes.
In the end, in villages you can enjoy the calm and relaxed atmosphere offered by nature and the villagers.