Dear Diary,
     Today I will reveal you a secret that I have not told anyone yet. Everything happened three years ago.
     I met him at a school party during autumn. He was tall, black-haired, and his eyes were burning. I caught him looking attentive..... through that dense crowd of the hall. He seemed so fun and happy,  then I smiled  and walked out being so excited. After more than 5 minutes, I rejoined ....... in the hall where everyone was dancing under slow music and suddenly someone stretched my hand as a sign of invitation, it was an invitation to waltz.
I was a little proud, but I accepted that long-awaited invitation that destroyed the barriers between us. This way our commonplace conversation began, meaningless, but unimaginable.
   The pride appeared at the wrong time. The next day I received a message from him, but I did not answer him. Although he often greeted me at school, I tried to treat him with indifference for one reason: fear,  fear of what I felt for him . Then he wrote me again, but I did not answer him this time too, and just when he wrote me for the 3rd time I decided to answer him, because his insistence ...... struck me.  I thought he was a smart boy, with feet on the ground and a little proud, otherwise we did not even notice it.
    We started to go to school together. The road seemed to be so short, time spent with him turning me into a lifeless snail which was trying to walk ...... slowly than ever.
I remember our first kiss, followed by many others, some simple, some more sophisticated.  Time passed,  and we noticed that we become away from each other.
Then I decided to leave him saying that I feel nothing to him anymore, although inside a civil war was taking place. I still loved it, but I chose to say "goodbye" first and do not be humiliated. I put the point where there should be just a comma and a sincere regret.
    Two months ago I saw him again, he had the same burning look, as though nothing had changed except the present.

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