I was looking for an apartment with my friend in the Tatarasi area. This was the third apartment and I was shocked and not in a good way!
  It was the apartment number 30. I thought that maybe this is the one. That after 3 hours of looking,this is the perfect house for me and that I am done searching for one! I walked in and a weird smell just hit my face. It was so horrible, I thought that someone died in there. The first room was the living room. There was a carpet with doug poop on it. The sofa was full of water and looked almost like trash bin. I said that maybe the kitchen will be nice but of course,I was wrong. The kitchen was drifting apart!! It was a fridge in the corner and when I opened the door,a RAT jumped and ran away! I couldnít believe it!! The table was crushed and the gas cooker wasnít working. In went to the bathroom and a part of the sink was in the bathtub,another one in the toilet and the rest of it ,I donít know. I just ran and I ended up in the bedroom and it was the worst room! The door was falling apart and the walls had a weird colour. I just wanted to get out! And after I left that apartment,I found out that the price was 45000 pounds and I couldnít believe it! I said that I will look for something else because that was the ugliest apartment that I have ever seen!