I was walking outside in my neighborhood listening to music and thinking about tomorrow. It was 22:30 and I realized that I was tne only one in the park at that hour. I was next to a bench when I heard someone whispering. It was a woman who was strangled by a man. The man was whispering her ďIt is your fault that you didnít make this marriage to work!Ē I was shocked and I didnít know what to do. The man was 1,85 tall and was wearing a brown leather jacket with a white T-shirt. The woman was just 1,60 meters and was crying and begging for her life. He was so mad and he was still strangling her. In the next 60 seconds,she was dead. I saw her face getting white and closing her eyes. I started crying,and the man saw me. I started to run and I was hearing the man screaming ďSTOP RIGHT THERE!Ē but I knew that I canít stop. I arrived home crying and told my parents about what I saw and they called the cops. Luckily,they caught him but the woman was dead. I was scared and traumatized when they put me to recognize the body. I found out that the man was her husband and she wanted a divorce but he didnít want!
For the next 3 months I was to many police stations and told the policemen all the things I saw. I was sad because the woman was a mother of 3 kids and they had no idea that their mom was killed by their fatner! It was the worst moment of my life and I am still traumatized!