I love watching movies,especially comedy ones. Every time when I am at a friendís house I always like to watch a good movie. This time I was staying over at my friend,Pisky,with other 20 friends and the next day we decided to watch ďThe hangoverĒ. So some normal people are just sitting in a chiar,paying attention to the movie amd eating some popcorn.Well,we arenít normal people.
First of all,NO ONE was paying attention to the movie and I know that because when I asked them about the action of the movie,they answered:ĒI think itís about alcohol and some friends.Ē Everyone was talking to somebody else or others were throwing popcorn! And after all we were so upset that we didnít see the movie! In that moment I came with the perfect idea! I said that we should cook something and the meal we decided to do was pizza! We went to the market and bought some pepperoni,mozzarella and vegetables to make the pizza. After 2 hours,we made the pizza! The most badly taste pizza ever! Apparently,instead of putting salt,we put sugar and the pepperoni that we bought,it was expired! After throwing away the pizza,someone said that we should bake a cake! That went smooth and it was delicious! But thatís our problem! We never watch a movie even if we want and always we ending up doing something else like cooking or sleeping but never paying attention to a whole movie!😂😂