Iíve been a student in ďMihai EminescuĒ National College for almost 7 years, and during those years, i have formed a lot of impressions about this institution.
      First of all, itís placed in the centre of my city, and itís quite easy to get to school, even when the wather itís not so favorable. Also, a school placed in the middle of a city has a bad side. In the morning, at 7:30 AM, itís difficult to get to first class in time, and most of us are 10-20 minutes late. That is because every person goes to work, school or university at 8 AM, and itís really crowded on the street.
Second of all, in toilets, we donít have soap, warm water or toilet paper. Also, we have our watchman, who is not even letting us go home after we end our schedule just because our last class ends at 1 PM and not at 2 or 3 PM.
Furthermore, everyone says that the most funny, easy period of their lives is in highschool, because those last four years weíre spending with our friends are the last ones before our adult life, and we have to make so much memories, so we will remember about our childhood years, when we didnít had bills to pay, children to raise or stress-work.
To conclude, there are a lot of things that are not all right for a school in the middle of the city, but the important thing is that we have some teachers who are trying to prepare us in the best way for the future.