My first trip to Romania left a wonderful memory in my soul, especially because Ive met a wonderful person.
When me and two other friends decided to go to Brasov, we wanted to make many beautiful memories and to gather a lot of informations about Romania. On the way from the airport, somewhere on the right side, partially covered by tall and green trees, I saw a building with cherry-coloured walls.
When we headed to the entrance, I saw a very large building with a french architecture, with a huge, black door made from wood, with decorative designs.
Initially we decided to walk around the building, to see if we can find somebody or not. The front garden was immense, with a green and healthy grass, and in the middle was a single tree with a beautiful crown of lovely pink.
Surprised by the image in front of us, my friends and I ignored the voice that called us. When I finally realized that we were shouted by someone, we came back and we were welcomed by an old woman with white hair. She asked us, smiling and treating us like family members, asking if we were tired, hungry or if we want to have a cup of tea.
We were deeply surprised by the tender way we were received and we went into the building behind her and we started to look at the house from one corner to another. The walls were tall, with patterns in each corner. In front of the entrance were two stairs, on both sides of the wall, made of white marble, the furniture throughout the house was vintage, very well maintained and cared for. We followed the old woman to the back of the house, where I found a larger garden than the one in front, with a beautiful pavilion and three benches set around a rough wooden table.
Standing at the table, with a cup of tea in my hand, I started to ask the lady about the entire construction.
She told us that the house was built at the end of the 19th century by a French count and his wife. They grew up their daughter in the house, who was the grandmother of the old woman weve been talking in that moment. The tree in front of the house was planted by the count, when his wife died. The old woman told us that many times a lor of people tried to take her home by offering her a considerable sum of money, but she refused every time, because she wanted to leave her inheritance to her daughter.
She showed us a room, upstairs, where all the furniture was absolutely mesmerizing and the most wonderful piece was a make-up table with a brush and a mirror with gold and silver patterns.
After the lady presented us the whole house, it was evening so we decided to head to the hotel, but the old woman asked us to stay in her guests room. Weve spent a lot of time with her and we talked about her family and her career.
For me, this trip was the most wonderful and exciting of all, because I had the opportunity to learn about a special culture and had the chance to live for a few hours in a distant period.