Can you imagine a country with very good students who end their studies and become extraordinary doctors, and then leave the country where they formed? If you've been able to perceive the overall picture, just imagine how sad the reality is in Romania. The problem of Romanian doctors who emigrate is a current one.
On the one hand, the benefit of leaving the country can not be denied. The most important advantage would be that abroad they could earn much more money than here, knowing that Romanian students are very much appreciated for the knowledge they can prove after their years of study. In addition, in other countries they can have access to modern facilities, and the specializations are numerous and more attractive, also being made available to them houses.
On the other hand, the future in Romania is not as black as it seems, and here they can earn enough money, both by choosing to work in state hospitals, but especially in private hospitals. The most important disadvantage is actually revealed by the loss of young people who are forming in our country and forgetting that their goals can be accomplished here as well. Besides that, most often those who leave are the best trained. Another argument is that not only young people, but also doctors who gain experience , after years of work and development choose to leave abroad for various reasons.[aici trebuie sa spui argumente pentru ramas in tara] Furthermore, they leave their family and friends which they will miss.
In conclusion, the departure of doctors from Romania can be regarded both as advantageous and disadvantageous, but it is certain that the positive aspects are strictly personal, and the negative ones affect the life of more people who hope that one day the doctors will return to the country where they left.

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