Education is nowadays one of the most important needs on the road to success. You can't get a good job or much many or even a good social position if you don't learn how to become good at something. And the first step in getting a well education is a good high-school. (aici uneste propozitiile)CNME, acronym from National College "Mihai Eminescu" is one of the best high-schools in Romania.
One the one hand, this high-school(nu poti pune in introducerea paragraful ui doar teatrul, ci ceva ce include toate aspectele de mai jos) is very ...........known for his theater clubs: Mooz and Les Apos. These two clubs have notable performance in different competitions at international level. Also, in this high-school you can learn foreign languages from ones of the best teachers in the country. Another good part at this high-school is his environment. It has a nice inner courtyard with a lots of trees and flowers, making the high-school a good ambiance for learning. Last but not least, this high-school promote... volunteering activities, along with other after school programs for a better educational offer.
On the other hand, there are bad parts too. Some of our teachers are pretty exigent and there is a little future counseling in our school. Not all of our students reach their strong and their weak points after .... 4 years program, and most of them are not rightly guided for ..... next steps in life. Another problem in our high-school may be the lack of understanding from our teachers when it comes to preparation for different contest.
In conclusion, even if .... is not the best, but of course not the worst, CNME may be a good option for your future and I am proud to be a part from this nice community.

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