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For and against being a CNME student

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Have you ever imagined how your life would look like if you ....... chose... another college? Now you would probably have a different company, hobbies , mentors and experiences. It's a privilege to attend a school with a good reputation. Nevertheless, it has some downsides too.
Even from the first step inside this school you have the feeling that you will find well prepared people. Here, teachers realise what huge impact they can have in a student's life. For instance thwy not only give us information but also help us with strategies on how to study and with finding our way .... life.
More than, we have bright students who are especially keen an foreign languages who are also hard working people.
Another strong point my college can be proud of is the sports facilities. We clearly enjoy the 2 football fields, 1 tennis court, one big gym that we use for basketball.
On the other hand school facilities are not always state of the art. The bathrooms and the the equipment in some of the classrooms could be upgraded.
One other issue inside the buildings is the noise level during the classes.This happens either because ....... of the students feel tired, hungry or stressed by a test or the outside conditions..Outside  the classroom some of them are too easygoing while others abuse their power when ......... should never try to do it.
To sum up, our school has a lot of things that we cam be proud of, but also a lot of aspects that can be improved. We love the interest we can see .... our teachers eyes, their passion and their commitment but we would also appreciate better facilities.

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I appreciate your opinion about being student at CNME but I hoped you will focus more abut students' life and about teachers' experience and qualification. It will be nice to approach this topic in your next composition and I really want to know your opinion about after school programs from CNME.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » New forum » For and against being a CNME student