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Describe your experience shopping in Egros

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First of all,Egros is a very big shop..... center. It has thousands of little shops and it is frustrating that you canít find all the time the shop that you want. For example,I was once in Egros and I was looking for a pair of boots. When I dounde the perfect pair,I said that I should go to others stores just to be sure that I should buy that pair of boots. When I wanted to go back to the shop,I forgot where the shop is. I was looking for it for 30 minutes and I still couldnít find it. I was so angry that I decided to go out and slam the door from Egros.
        I made myself a promise. That I will never enter Egros.Why? Besides the boots adventure,once someone stole my wallet! I was with my cousin and she was looking for a purse and she asked if I could exchange her money because she only had dollars. When I took my wallet from my nag,a man just took it from my hand and ran away. But he was the stupid one because in that wallet I had just some perfume!!
         In my opinion[e pleonasm; mai bine zi "In concluzie"] I donít think that shopping in Egros is good because you can get lost. Someone can steal your things and you will never buy something because you lost the shop. Donít go there because all my experiences there were horrible and I donít recommend ..... to anyone, evem to my enemies!!

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yeah, it's horrible, I understand  why people buy stuff from there(because all it's at a lower price) but the quality is also bad... And it's true that you can find thieves there because,you know, Egros it's not a place where surveillance it's a plus.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » New forum » Describe your experience shopping in Egros