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You got lucky

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I was on a trip with my family, I enjoy a well deserved holiday after all teaching. Visit turisticos goals, I enjoy the view of mother nature until an unfortunate accident was to make me forget all that. Crossing the bridge, rickety ,old, a board made up that it broke and I fell on foot through the hole. I screamed, I was put in a very difficult position because there could fall and get hurt. Dad, hurry, come to me and raised. Hugged me and told me that everything is fine, do not worry. It was an intense experience that I will never forget.



I like your composition, and I can say you were really lucky. Some  years ago, I lived  something similar. My foot got stuck between two rocks when I went hiking. It was a difficult situation because my leg was broken and it hurt a lot. I got lucky because my dad was near, and he heard me shout. It was a situation that I wouldn't like to lived again.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » You got lucky