It was a sunny day here in New York.I went on a trip with my friends to Central Park becuase we wanted to see the park and the beauttiful landscapes.We decides to walk but then we realised that it is going to take 1 hour so we took a train for 20 minutes.

       We arrived and we were soooo amazed by the beautiful view from the park and I wanted  to take a picture with my camera.When I was ready to push the button for the photo,a man stole my camera!I started to scream and cry like a baby and my friends started to follow the thief.Then I realiesd that I can t let someone to steal my things so  I went after the thief.After 30 minutes of running we got back my camera but unfortunately the thief got away.

        I was really lucky to catch the thief and took back my camera,but also I was so unlucky because the thief ran away!!!