The most beautiful thing you can do in life is to travel and enjoy the beauty of the nature.Fortunately, every year, together with my family, we make excursions to different parts of the country, often discovering unusual and unexpectedly beautiful places, also meeting warm and welcoming people.
   Last year we came to the Cerna Mountains, passing from the village to the village, admiring the wonderful landscapes we met on our way. All the places I've been through have fascinated me with simplicity and pure beauty inspired by those views, but a very unusual place is the village of Ineleț , a village that can only be reached by climbing four wooden stairs, of about one hundred meters, which were made of trees by the villagers. The more interesting ........... is that before you get to these stairs first you have to cross a fragile wooden bridge (built by villagers) and climb a hill.
  When I got there, in front of those stairs, I stopped scared  seeing how tall and how steep it is. I walked slowly and slowly, but when I got to the other side I would have liked to get to those lands long ago. The village is surrounded by small fields and gardens,orchards and pastures. Water and wood are at hand, but people's respect for these richness of nature is noticed, even the forest surrounding the households seemed untouched, without traces of deforestation. Among the spruced houses are a small wooden church.
This trip seemed to me the most beautiful and interesting because of the unusual access to that village.

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