One of the persons that I admire in  a certain manner is my aunt, who could let go of every known and familiar thing to her to accept an oportunity of a lifetime, in a country that she only heard about at TV.

She wasnít a good student when she was a child, but at high school, she discovered that she liked the medical field, especially taking part in a surgical procedure, so she became an operating nurse and not just a nurse, but one of the best. And one day, she and her team got the offer to move to a little town in the north of Germany, in one of the best pediatric cardiology clinic in Europe. I think itís a very hard step to make, especially if you are not young anymore. And what she did was more than brave. She didnít know the language, the country or even where the town was on map. She went headed ahead hoping that everything would turn up  fine and it did. Of course, it took her quite a few years to adapt and to learn a new language, not to say that german is not so easy to comprehend, but in the end, she made a really nice living there and a group of friends, an amazing  job and she loves it.

I strongly believe that success comes after those who risk something, who go out of their comfort zone and like to experiment a little bit and see what could happen. This is what I saw in my aunt and what inspires me to see out of the box, the reason I admire her. She has shown me that going beyond the ordinary and the day-to-day life is always a good thing, even if you fail. Because in the end, it helps us grow more.