There are many wonderful people I know and admire. They all have a positive influence on my life. But I would like to stick out a remarkable human being who is my grandmother. She is my mother's mum and she is special.
Her name is Lucia and she is sixty-four. She is not very tall and not very slim. She has got short, brown hair and brown eyes. I could say that she has brought me up since I was a little child. She has always taken care of me and offered the best she could. She has taught me many things regarding my education and good manners. Of course, my parents have tried to offer me the same good values in life but my grandmother knows how to show her love and kindness.
She is a very hardworking woman and everything she does is perfect. She is an excellent cook and everything she cooks is delicious and can't be compared with something else. Her house is always clean and welcoming. I adore staying with her. She is friendly, communicative and open-minded. I can discuss everything with her because she has the power to understand and to offer good advice, if you need help . She is also very generous and tolerant. Many women of her age aren't as modern as my grandmother. She likes to know what is new in the country and in the world and can work on the computer like a young person. My grandmother is such a remarkable person that she could be the prime minister of the country. I think there are a lot of women in our country with the same qualities but they are not noticed. I am the luckiest girl to have my grandmother, because she is always there to help me, when I need help, to caress me when I am sad or to encourage me when I'm down. I have no words to thank her and to express my gratitude.

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