Should parents pay their children for school results?
       Parents have always wanted to make their children happy and give them more than they ever had growing up but is it a good idea to pay their kids for school results?
       I believe that parents should not pay their children for school results for a number of reasons.
       Firstly, paying children for school results means bad parenting, poor education. Children are meant to learn and go to school in order to build a carrier, a future, to become something more. Not for money or recognition but for self-fulfillment and self improvement. If Andrea is raised to do so, driven solely by the idea of getting money, she will grow selfish, superficial, wanting only material things that are never going to make her happy physically or spiritually and for certain the happiness that she feels in the moment won’t last for a lifetime.
       Secondly, paying children for school results might get out of hand. Children could start asking for more  things in order to get better grades - basically extort their parents -, could stop learning or miss classes because their parents won’t pay them anymore or worst - they could find ways to get good grades without actually learning something.
       Admittedly, after putting effort into something, after doing some quality work or working at all, everyone wants a reward, a paycheck or just a little bit of appreciation for their accomplishment however this is not an excuse for wanting or getting money from the persons who already gave you everything for free.
       In conclusion, while doing work implies getting a reward, paying children for school results is not a good idea for its future or developing character. Children should be taught to appreciate what they have and to work hard for what they want while the gratitude for their work or grades could be expressed in other ways besides getting them money.

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