Three years ago, I met in my neighborhood a girl, who became a special person to me.Sometimes I think about the moment when I met her.It was summer and she saw me in front of my house and she asked if I could help her find her keys. After 20 minutes we found them under a tree. Ever since that moment weíve been good friends.
Her name is Maria and she is 19 years old. She is a student at The University of Pharmacy Iasi .She is the kind of person who makes me laugh when Iím sad. When I saw her for the first time I didnít want to talk to her, but I changed my mind, because I realized that she was a loyal person and she had a pleasant behaviour.
She is the kind of person who makes me laugh when Iím sad. Her best quality is optimism,she is always positive. What I also like about her  is ambition:she wants to be a famous chemist. Iím so proud of her because she works very hard to be succes...ful in her future. When she was little she wish... to be a dancer as she was very talented, but in highschool she fell in love with science. She likes to help people, she is not a selfish person, for example Maria donated blood for the sick people. She doesnít like  rude people, she likes to travell around the world. My friend knows English, French and German. After College she wants to move to the Netherlands.
I consider myself really lucky to have a friend like her.

(paragrafele de continut trebuie sa aiba un subiect unitar , de exemplu aspectul fizic sau personalitatea, iar ideile nu trebuie sa se repete, de exemplu faptul ca te face sa razi)

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