School where learning is divided into two categories: the most popular and least popular.
The popular front is Jasmine. This leads a wonderful life and always praise his mother, designer, and his father, businessman. Everyone was at his feet. He lives as teens want. Will praise it with her parents, but there was something no one has ever seen.
Jasmine spends nearly all breaks in the cafeteria helping cook. It was very strange as she stood with her group but to cook. One day Mary saw something no one expected. Jasmine stern cook and her mother said. Then Mary said to some friends who were interested in her life and found disturbing things: mother's cook and his father works in construction. In a very short time he learned all the high school. Everyone began to behave badly because she lied about her life and her family.
Moments when Jasmine was where was the rest of the world disappeared. Sitting alone all the time. Since then, Jasmine, popular girl, the girl disappeared and remained only separate from the world and that no one really enjoyable