This year i was in a trip with my parents. In my opinion this was the most beautiful place that iíd ever seen. People was very nice with us, despite the fact one of the hotels didnít be what we saw on the internet, owner made us fell like we was home , giving us what we was wanting. I visited a lot of wonderful places both from the point of view of traditions and customs, of history importance , but we visited natural reserve too. The forest , the waterfall, the mountains, the water makes the place more interesting that we had thinking. Traces of wild animals scared all of people who was walking over there. All of us wanted to run as fast as we can to not catch us the darkness and to not meet the unfriendly animals. An unsual thing is that you stay and listen to waterfall you will heard horses walking who dead long time ago in that cold water, followed by a bear.
Even if the death is a torture for who is left behind, the cemetery which I visited brought the smile to the tourist and alone the soul of the descendants. The church was very colored , it was different than any other so it brings a lot of tourist by its uniqueness.