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Hello everyone and welcome to the second semester. If you haven't corrected the mistakes highlighted in your essays, do that before you start new homework - this will affect your new grades. If you need help using the website check out this video: Cum sa folosesti forumul CNME.

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1st Formal Letter

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Dear Mr. House,
      I am writing in connection to your school offer. I would like to say that I amdelighted with your offer and I would love to study at your school from next year. I searched on the internet about your school and I found only good things about it. Also, I saw that you read my CV and you have benn very satisfied. So, I believe I could be a good student for a number of reasons. However, I have some more questions about the school.
     Firstly, I think you know that I am from Romania. So, if I will come in England to study , I need to find a place to stay. Therefore, I want to ask you if the school has a home where i could stay during the school year. Another important question for me is whether the diplomas got in Romania are recognized in England. I have a great deal of result at various competitions.
     Secondly, I would like to know if I can attend to extra-school events. I really want to take in a lot of courses. I also want to volunteer. So, I really want to know if all these are allowed by the school. Another big question for me is that if I can have a free week during the school year to visit my parents and my friends. I will miss them very much.
     All things considered, I hope you can answer at my questions. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

                                                                                                                                            Your student,



A letter with a well-built shape and extremely good content! It is very good, in my opinion, to send such letters to directors to present to you if you want to transfer to studies in another country. You know that you are a very good student, congratulations for it  and for all the questions addressed to the director of the school .


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Everyday stuff » 1st Formal Letter