Dear  Mr. John,
    I am writing  this letter with reference to your restaurant and for the poor employee service that I met on the May, the third.I believe you should make serious decisions about the staff and the restaurant for a big numer of reasons.
    Firstly, when we arrived, we were surprised to find out that thhe meal booked a month before was offered to someone else for no reason. In addition, all the meals were occupied, so we had to wait about half an hour and we were treated with indifference by the waiters.
     Secondly, when we finally get a table, we were surprised again by the approach of the staff. Then, we found out that a big part of the food from the menu could not be ordered. Furthermore, the service was very bad. Also, we had to wait a lot before the food was brought. The food was cold and the cutlery wasn't cleaned well.
     All things considered, I think you need to change something at your staff. I hope that next time everything will be solved and I wish that I will enjoy the meal at your restaurant.

                                                                                                                                                                            Your customer,