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Dear Diary

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Dear Diary, 
    Yesterday I had a beautiful day with my grandparents, whom I met with wide open arms. I have not seen them for two months and I miss them. They brought me some sweets as usual, and I and my mother put them on the table. The cup was already ready when my father got home from work so I drank with all, I missed just a sister who was not with us at the table. When the clock beat at 23:00, the grandparents decided to go home so I spent them at the gate. The sky was full of stars, and I could not take my eyes from him, and then I felt something cold that was melting on my face, a fulness was a bit of a breeze. I was so glad that it finally snowed. How I woke up in the morning I jumped to the window to see my face, everything was white, then I started to feel the magic of winter :love: , but unfortunately the next day the snow melted and the school started!  :tired:



I like your composition. It's a short remembrance of a day spent in a familiar setting. I especially appreciate the description at the end, a joy moment at the first snowfall. However, they are ephemeral : the witchcraft of the wintry season disappears, and the school, with all its obstacles, is ready to resume.