You learn a lesson !
  Every year I learn new things, trying to develop myself personally and spiritually. It was in 2016 when I came to school with my colleagues, and saw an old woman just climbing the hill. One moment, my eyes met her sad eyes, and I told colleagues that we had to help them, but they said ''NO'' and that response hurt me. So I decided to help her alone. I  helped her and she thanked me. I felt proud and happy of myself.That day i understood that the goodness of a man does not depend of the presence  of money. It depends of their education. 
   My colleagues had a worsier financial condition than me, but the money did not impede me. I'm sorry for people who are jealous of the lack of money, but they do nothing to change it, and that's not right. In their shame they deny those who have more than them. They don't even think that, maybe,  someone works whole life to be a personality and to have everything he really deserves.