You got lucky!
   On a winter day when I was coming from school, I chose to go on a shorter road. I was hungry and I was walking with big steps. I was already near my house when I heard a cry and stopped to see what was happening there.Unfortunately, I saw two small cats in a plastic bag. Then I began to cry because I knew they would die and I could not leave them there. So, I took them at my warm place, but my mother said:  "They're too small and I'm afraid they will die." I did not agree with her words and told her: "I did not bring them to perish." I fed them with the medical pipette and did everything possible to save their's lives, but in a week one of those cats died.  I felt so guilty. The next day I was at school almost all day and I got home at 6:30 pm. My parents were still at work. It was a stressful day and I decided to eat something sweet and put the music to the full to relax. In 20 minutes my parents got home, then, like a mad person, I  ran into the room where the cat was, being very upset because I forgot about it. I found it almost dead, without power. I took it  home and that night it slept with me. I worried about her life, but the next day she stayed better. Today "Dizi" is 2 years old. Thank you, Lord, for saving her!

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