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Rich and poor people

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I think that we are all the same and there must be no differences between people. If a people is poorer than another, this doesn't mean that should be treated differently. We all have the same rights. If a person dresses from a cheap store, eat just potatoes in every day and other vegetables from his garden, this doesn't mean that is lower with something, on top, he lead a lifestyle healthy. Maybe that person who you judge for the way in which he look, has two faculties finished and when he opens his mouth neither you don't know what to answer because has a vocabulary very developed and you don't understand big thing. Not all have the same luck. In conclusion, we don't must to judge a person by the way in which he look or dress. the important thing is how think and behave




     How nice it would be for everyone to see things the way you do, Tatiana! Unfortunately, the truth is that we live in a society that is too focused on the material and not the spiritual side. Nowadays, the world constantly criticizes what can be seen from the outside that is why we often receive a label that does not really represent us. However, sometimes that label hurts.  :love:



I agree with you. The studies doesn't metter. Friends must be different and we must apreciate them like they are.



Your idea of "same rights" for all is a classic and very good principle, but today, all it's count are the material advantages. Yet, the world needs people like you to see this right. I like your ideas. Keep it up!


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Practical stuff » Rich and poor people