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Hello everyone and welcome to the second semester. IF you haven't corrected the mistakes highlighted in your essays, do that before you start new homework - this will affect your new grades.

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Last Sunday I participated in the European Championship qualifiers. Let me tell you how it was.     I woke up in the morning, washed my face, put my lenses ...... and I ate when it came out of the room: Woe to my head! this is impossible ... It was the mother who reacted to the message that the coach .... sent him, a message saying that we have to be in the competition hall at two o'clock, although the new contest was seven. I accepted because it was for the good our. When I got to the hotel where the coach was, it started to make my hair ... a bad hair. So I can say that we were lucky enough until then. at one point, the training asked us about the sports books we were supposed to sign up for. what to see ... WE DON'T HAVE IT. What are we going to do ? The coach was at the secretariat, spoke very nice... to those ladies, and ... solved. after what happened, I can say I'm lucky.

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Luck is present at times when you least expect and when you really deserve an unexpected joy, I say;) I'm glad you have disentangled and all the problems have been solved. I wish you success in other competitions, but, first of all, good luck!   Others believe in luck, luck is generally base , for example, some classmates :))) I'm not part of this category, but you? :))


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Unusual » YOU GOT LUCKY