For teenagers and adults, watching movies is preferable to playing video games from the point of view of personal development. In my opinion, for the last two decades, video games have evolved in such ways that they are more efficient for personal growth rather than movies are, for a number of reasons.
    To begin with, in contrast to movies, video games contribute a lot to attaining a diverse set of skills. For example, there are many games where multitasking is a necessity, like pressing keys all at once to score, collecting things while running, finding clues while also fighting off some zombies. In addition not only do you balance between tasks but also train your reflexes and creativity.
    Secondly, online gaming also brings other attributes, such as teamwork and communication. An example in that sense is when you have to allay with different people on a gaming platform, to fulfill the same purpose, such as surviving or defeating the opponents. When socializing on a gaming platform, you also form friendships with other people and sometimes even learn a few words from a different language.
    Admittedly, video games are time consuming activities, which is a problem especially for the youngsters who should rather concentrate on school. In addition, similar to movies, many games are extremely violent and without the parent's knowledge, such games could fall into the hands of unknowing teenagers, this way developing a violent side themselves. Nonetheless, there aren't too many downsides to videogames, the advantages making up for them.
    In conclusion, though there are a few similarities between movies and videogames, I personally find the interactive side of games much more beneficial to personal development.