Reducing the fossil fuels has always been a discussed topic world wide and people are trying to find more efficient methods to solve this problem.
     But how can we minimize the use of fossil fuels?
     Firstly, increasing taxes on petrol is one of the solutions already found. The most used fossil fuel is petrol which is the fuel foe cars. Every year, government increases the tax of petrol while normal people will turn to alternative means of transport like buses or tramps. However, people still ride their cars even thought they complain about how expensive it is. This is why, this is not the most efficient way of reducing one of the most used fossil fuel.
     Secondly, technology may have the best solution. Technology advanced a lot over the last decade and there is the chance that in the near future a method to recycle fossil fuels will be found. These fuels are still thought to be non-renewable, but with time and progress that will not be the case anymore. This is the most important method that could help in minimizing the use of fossil fuels.
     Admittedly, perhaps there may be no chance in minimize the use of fossil fuels over the years, but scientist can work on finding another power source that can replace it.
     To conclude, fossil fuels are important to people’s lives and their best way to minimize their use is by the development of technology.