The internet is a very large platform, which allows people from around the world to communicate. This means that anyone can write and poste anything. In some cases, people write untrue things, under a nickname or without an official approval, and causes panic in the worst scenario, or misleading people. For those people who are doing this intentionally or not we have to intervene and stop them. So, should they clarify who they are when writing or not?
On one hand, yes. All people who are writing or posting something, no matter how small or unimportant it is, should and need to have a true identity. As for the ones who are writing something big and important, they must have a proof that they are qualified to write what they want and the information that they are giving is trusted. Because if they do not others might take whatever is said on internet as good and that will lead to misunderstandings and chaos.
For those actions they should pay and take responsibility but because there are people who are hiding under a false name, they are not punished for their actions.  And because of this we should imply much more sever rules to obligate the people to not lie about serious things.
On the other hand, there are some exceptions. For these, people might have approval to write and post under a nickname. Those exceptions are applied when you want to help but somehow from under the shadows. But these things are very complicated so people should pay more attention to the things explained above.
In conclusion, when talking about important things people should take full responsibility and post under a real name and with proof of official approval, with small exceptions. If we want to live in a good society, we need to improve ourselves and our way of thinking: not being selfish, not wanting to hurt others.

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