Every year, every summer all 12-grade romanian Romanian pupils have to sit one of the most important exam.... : A levels[asta e doar in Anglia] the baccalaurate the graduation exam.
There have been many changes to this exam, however (but)yet many still complain about the inefficiency of the current template of this stressful examination, .....[introdu aici subiectul analizei literare]. Should literary commentary or analysis no longer be required as part of the high school graduation exam?

On the one hand, literary analysis displays has a list of advantages. To begin with, it helps youngsters to develop a better critical thinking. All the classes when where the texts are studied, all the analysis makes[acord la plural] one think beyond letters, So much so[pune un subiect, un predicat] It is more true all the more when one is allowed to dissagree with the common ordinary opinions, or with the exegets. Moreover, it grows the level enlarge the capacity of attention to details. In literature, there are numerous connections made with myths and legends and the more one makes, the better. A pupil can find them by closely looking to at the writing given.

On the other hand, literary commentary has some disadvantages. Firstly, too little of the modern literature still has connections with legends. Writers seem to have forgotten about creating a secret code. They choose to use everyday 's words, expressions, abbreviations so that it is easier for the young audience to read and understand. Secondly, in the exam, there are too many texts required. A pupil has to know the literary analysis on about 10 epic texts and on other 7 other poems. To this extent Becuse of this, it will be of no help to them, because one cannot write on the spot, so that leaves them learning the commentaries by heart, which is bad inefficient because it will erase from their brains, it will all wash off without leaving any mark.

In the end, literary analysis is helping many develop critical thinking and an eye for details, but if they pupils are loaded with required too many texts, it will be of no use to anyone.

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