Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus.[edfinitia e irelevanta, schimba cu context, tendinte despre avort] Should abortion be made with the fatherís consent?
........[linker] It would be a bad idea to live by the fatherís consent. To begin with, a woman as a completely responsible adult, knows what is best for her body and her wellbeing. If she considers she is unable to maintain a pregnancy for 9 months and then deliver a baby which she would have to raise, then the best thing to happen would be to get an abortion.  Also, she might be able from any point of view to raise the child she is going to give birth to, but the father whose consent should be implied in the abortionís approval could be abusive.  He might be a drug or alcohol addict, or a cheater who wouldnít have any time to raise the child, or a very violent person. If the child is born in any type of family described below, because it was his fatherís wish, he would suffer traumas both physically and emotionally.
But on the other hand, a child is the result of an act that required two people to happen. The being that is going to come .....to this world in a couple of weeks from now on is a mix........ of its parents. Shouldnít both parents decide whether the child is going to live or not? If the mother isnít healthy or wealthy enough to raise the baby, its father could be the one to give him a chance to life.
To conclude, abortion is a very controversial issue debated in the whole wide world[asta e chestie de introducere, aici trebuie sa bagi rezumatul argumentelor], and the fatherís consent in such decision just makes it worse to decide.

also name the baby heaven because there's where it's going to be🤪

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