Video games and movies play an important role in our lives today, being the main source of entertainment for many people. [leaga propozitiile]Nowadays, the topic of which one is better is hotly-debated. This essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.

On one hand, video games have many benefits for people. Not only do they stimulate the brain but they are fun as well. When playing games, because of their complexity[se intelege complexitatea jucatorilor], players are able to become part of the world, directly interacting with characters, connecting to the story in deeper lever that the majority of movies. Hidden quests and clues that make the tens of hours of game play a true adventure. Furthermore, games are not only about the story, but about mechanics as well. It is safe to say that the industry has greatly developed in the past years, games becoming more and more realistic, to the point of having people confuse them with actual movies. Many boundaries have been broken, opening a whole new era for game developers that strive to create worlds that captivate players’ hearts. Exploring, fighting, hunting and creating bonds with the characters, games have the potential to even become virtual realities, as it can already be seen in gadgets such as the VR glasses.

On the other hand, movies ........... won the hearts of many thanks to their qualities.  Since the first movie, people have been hooked. Even today, movies play a great role in people’s lives. Contrary to the opportunities that games provide[zi ceva rau, ca sa se lege cu ce urmeaza], movies are more accessible, being a better source of entertainment that the majority can enjoy. Although games provide more room for details, if the creator intends to just tell a story, a movie is the key for the meaning to reach more hearts. Furthermore, they are appreciated because of theatrical talent. After all, movies are a form of art and, just like theater, many enjoy following the actor's way of interpreting a role and becoming a character in another world. The young generation too looks up to these people, thinking of them as life models because of their dedication and heardwork.

In conclusion, both movies and video games have their benefits and disadvantages. Games offer a more detailed and dynamic way of telling a story while movies are more accessible and meaningful, making people fall in love with actors instead of virtual characters.

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