Dear Morgz, 

I am writing in order to express my dissatisfaction with the way you handle your ........... content. The two main issues concerning it are the "click-bait" thumbnails and titles, and the low entertainement value.

Firstly, your video thumbnails and titles promise a different outcome compared to the one present in the actual clip. This is not an issue that only you cause, but the fact that you contribute to it does not help your case. The fact that you have to lie in order to make people actually click and be interested in your videos could make on..... assume that you think your own creations are not that good. Furthermore, this heavily affects younger children as they are more likely to fall victim to the "clickbait" trap compared to a teenager. While this is a great strategy from a buisness perspective, it is not the correct and morally just way to become famous. All things considered, I would recommend to try to make.......... your thumbnails and titles more accurate to the actual video being displayed, in order to achieve a higher status of integrity.

Secondly, the target audience for your content is clearly children. While I don't believe this is a necesarilly bad thing, I think that this can cut down from the quality of your videos as the jokes and the general feel of the video has to be dumbed down in order to help kids digest it better. I think that you have the skills necessary to create content for an even wider audience, one that includes children and adults too. In order for this to happen, I would suggest giving your videos more nuance by making slightly more mature jokes and speaking in a normal tone of voice.

I believe that it is in the creator's best interest to take this criticism into consideration and hopefully implement the changes suggested. I am very excited to hear a response from you soon and don't be afraid to send a reply if you need further explication or clarification on what has been stated.

Thank you for the attention offered.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Yours faithfully,

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