Internet access today is the most important and often used way of information and communication. Starting from children taking the first steps in the virtual world before the real world to those of age three, the interner is considered one of the main "resources" of survival. One of the arguments that support the importance of internet access nowadays is that with the human connection to the Internet, its evolution has also begun, from several points of view. If the man uses the internet for useful purposes (information searches, reading books) then he evolves intellectually. Another conclusive argument was the speed with which the person reaches the information, the news that interests him or the press about the place where he lives. Talking about the speed with which the person reaches the information we can bring in the subject and the speed of the delivery of information and fake or counterfeit news, once they reach a child (the most influential person) he will create another perspective of life starting from a distorted reality. Therefore, the Internet can be both an escape and a trap.
In conclusion, access to the internet is very important in relation to the society we live in, he has both good and bad parts, but a very small average education helps a lot in differentiating the parts we need.

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