Ever since movies and video games have been were developed, teenagers and adults ......... seem.... unable to choose which of those two is the more efficient way form of personal developing development. Some people think that movies are better at personal development as there are a lot of cases in which the movie presents an idea that could be an "eye-opener" without any effort needed. However, video games, which ....... recently got more complex advanced in technology are a good way of personal developing form of individual development as the "gamer" plays as another a different character, in other different situations than one's everyday life that could eventually make people more cautious and maybe prepare them for the unexpected.
On the one hand, movies are a great way form of personal development. I state that, because of the simple and fast way of providing films through streaming networks and it's also due to the fact that few movies actually seem to change our perspective about of the world and the society itself.
On the other hand, games are a good way form of personal development too[nu te repeta - pare ca alte expresii nu mai stii]. Games in nowadays tend to lose popularity because of the violence they present which media says it's is harmful for kids, but studies deny that claim saying that violence of that type can only influnce small kids which can be easier to manipulate. Anyway, games offer a variety of genres that stimulate different parts of the brains such as creativity, logical thinking, and many others.
In conclusion, it's hard to say which one is better because both bring great experiences. As movies excel in simplicity, quick ways of providing them and good ideas presented in a good manner, so video games excel in different ways to stimulate your brain, and interactive gameplay. My opinion is in the title, video games are simply better (don't know why/don't care why)

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