Movies and video games have reached a very high level of development. Each of these two industries has created found innovation every year, this fact that has led to competition between them. But which has a greater potential in the development of the human personality?
      In my opinion, the former first element mentioned (movies) have a greater capacity in terms of building a mature perspective and in the continuous movement of the human towards an  advanced evolved stage of it.
      Firstly.... of allmost of the time movies, most of the time, are based on real situations. This is intended   it turns out that you want to demonstrate some life lessons, such as: how to handle yourself, how to survive a catastrophe or how to go through a difficult time in your life. These lessons promote different values like: sincerity, independence, loyalty or perseverance.In addition Also, some movies are also educational, or they can be a way to educate a person about an aspect.For example ...........[de exemplu] historical films help students to understand better what was in the past by showing them a representation of events, also or...... there are the films that educates a society not just a person (an example would be "Padman", this is a movie about a man who promotes the use of tampons.... in less developed poor villages).
       Secondly, movies compared to video games have a more artistic perspective. This aspect refers to the fact that in a film, several artistic elements can be used, such as music, dance, painting or culture. These elements attract as many viewers as possible, so the films become more...........known worldwide. In addition, the people being attracted to these elements will be captivated by the message of the film too and at the end they will be analyzing what they have watched.
        However, I am also aware of the qualities of video games. They create an environment in which people can find ways to train their minds. Some games have missions on levels, they ask people to find the new strategies and the people are more ambitious to come first.
        In conclusion, films have a better way of educating the public using a wide variety of artistic elements. Plus In addition , they are a way to spend time without getting too tired....... [although....] although the games have their qualities, which help people to stimulate the mind and also stimulate the ambition and competition between players.

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