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Opinion essay

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Video-gaming has been around for over fifty years and has been influencing age groups spanning children to young post-teen adults. What price do gamers pay to play, though?
Firstly, exposure to violent games is significantly linked to increases in violent behavior. Researchers say that there is a definite link between violent video games and real-life offensive conduct. Most reports conclude that the increase in aggression is particularly noticeable in children. Furthermore, adolescents are far more attracted to violence than adults and are much more likely to be excessive gamers. Thus the young are likely to be—simultaneously—both victims and perpetrators.
Secondly, there are more and more heavy gamers. They are defined as those playing more than two hours per day and there are believed to be no less than five million teenagers addicted to such “sport” solely in the USA. Therefore, these suffering from this disorder are neglecting important parts of their life. Studies have shown that over 40 percent of people disregard any other hobbies, sleep, education, work and socializing in favor of playing their beloved video game.
Admittedly, certain games can be helpful. There are undisputed benefits of video games both in treating illnesses and in certain training situations in the fields of aviation, medicine and the military. However, the link between video game exposure and aggressive behavior is much more prominent and it outweighs the benefits.
All things considered there is more than enough robust evidence to warn people, particularly parents, to be very cautious about allowing themselves or their children to be drawn into a world that can be very difficult to retreat from.



A very good and very well documented essay, reinforced with arguments. But I don't think that if you play video games responsibly you will have serious consequences :cool:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Argumentative essays » Opinion essay