We all have qualities and defects, and we must accept each other in order to live in a community. But it's not always easy to accept everyone around you, because some people don"t deserve to be accepted or respected because of their way of behaving. I always had a good opinion about people, and I thought there was no one who would be bad or would hurt you for no reason, but I realized there were people like this when I met one.
                I was just in the fifth grade and I was anxious to meet my colleagues. The first two weeks were wonderful, we were all friendly and we tried to get closer, except a colleague who didn't talk to anyone and stayed in her bank. At first I thought she was very shy, but later I realized she was not talking to us because she thought we were not good enough to be her friends. She was actually a bad person who thought she was too smart for us, so she was offending anyone who was trying to approach her, and even at some point she started telling the teachers that we were behaving badly with her, although the truth was that she behaved badly with us. Because she always seemed so alone, I thought she was behaving so badly because she felt alone, so we tried to show her that we didn't want to argue and that we could be friends with her,  but she continued to be mischievous with us.
               Because she had such a bad behavior, nobody liked her, so we started to ignore her, because that's the only way you can treat such a person.