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A festival

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Festivals are really fun. Seeing so many people gathered, all with the same reason of being there as you, is a feeling no other event can give you. I, myself haven't been to too many festivals, or at least, too many memorable ones, except for one.
I was planning on going for a whole year with 2 friends of mine. The road to the place was a bit rough though. We had to take a train to get to the city, which arrived 2 hours later than it should have for reasons which cannot be explained because there exists no good reason for this to have happened. After that, we had to go on a scouting mission as we had to figure out where our hotel was.  After 5 hours of being lost in the city, we found it. Since we got there a night before the festival, we had some time to rest, and rightfully deserved, after all we had to go through just to get there.
The following day, it was the day of the festival. We were all pretty excited to see the varied artists perform some of their best hits live, right before our eyes. The festival had no specific theme however, there were bands and singers of many kinds, not only that but there were some surprise guests.
The concerts began, and the whole crowd was filled with excitement as our beloved artists were about to perform. It was a magical view, seeing everyone be happy for one, singular reason. This festival started off a bit differently from other editions though. It was my first time, but usually, the featured artists would play first. This time however, the guests were starting the opening night. And I was shocked to see my favorite band, Fall out boy, come out of seemingly nowhere and start singing. I couldn't contain my pure happiness, I felt like a kid again, with a huge smile on my face, and eyes shining of life.
Their moment was absolutely phenomenal, and nothing will ever compare to the shock it brought me, and this a festival I am never going to forget.



You said you felt like a kid again, don't mind if I ask, but how old are you? In order to be able to write on this forum you must be in high school and legally speaking, you're a kid until the age of 18. Don't get me wrong I literally didn't knew what to write after reading your composition, hope this put a smile on your face and if it didn't, then shit



Interesting. You not only saw your favorite band, but you also had fun on the way to the festivals location. I wasn't that lucky and besides I went only to one or two festivals. The part when you said you felt like a little kid was nice, I think that you didn't heard the band for a while.



Ok as another Fall Out Boy, I'm so happy for you! That must have felt AMAZING! Especially since they weren't on the list! But really, how did the two of you manage to get lost for 5 hours? I understand it was a big city, but even if you didn't use google maps, you could have easily asked someone for directions. I'm sorry if this came off as rude, I'm just a bit confused



I'm glad you enjoyed that festival and you made beautiful memorises! I think it was unforgettable, like you said! Unfortunately I have never been to a music festival, but reading your essay I felt your happiness and emotions  during the festival! I hope you will enjoy another festivals too like this :)



Interestingly enough this essay... I really liked it. That's what festivals are made of, let's make new friends, communicate between us, listen to the good music of a favorite artist and feel good together. And by the way, you have a good English. Keep it up! You're doing some good essays!:)AMAZING!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A festival