What defines us as humans? Only our dreams and thoughts? We must to leave a path behind us, make something great, that will inspire incoming generations to improve the quality and the charm of life on the earth. Creativity is a way to survive in an increasing-creative world, and this we can see in many domains of life as art and science. One of the most common fields of art in our days is fashion and we can't live without it, because gives us a identity. It's important to know how people dress, to know to whose social category, nation or religion belongs the person.
In our country this fact doesn't matter too much for us, because we, like each former member of the Eastern Block, were in the beginning of '90s in pursuit of taking over each form of Western-styled clothing, and this still happens in our days too. We can distinguish young people from older people not only by face and behavior, but also by clothing - one are more traditional dressed and the others  have more urban clothes. Also, the clergy and state institutions representatives have distinct vestments  and uniforms.  On ocassions, romanians show their traditional costumes, quiet similar to the other Balkan  and Estern European traditional costumes.

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