6 June 2018

From: Klaus Schrinker
University Professor at Medicine University  Schmidtenburg
To: Mr. Gunther Schmidt,
Director of the Forensic Medicine Institute Schmidtenburg

Dear Mr. Gunther Schmidt,

I'm very glad to present to you in this letter of recomendation one of the most diligent former students of our University, that can be a real help for you. Mr. Hans Niemczik, an able student who was valedictorian in his class, is a tribute to our University. I personally met him before he was our student, and he participated in many activities, competitions and also Biology Olimpiads. His analitic sense is apreciated not only by me, but by others of my colleagues too. He had brought, in the years when he was our student, an various number of contributions and studies for this discipline. In adition, he is and a student of the State Law School, and he is very interested in criminology, for which he dedicated an significant number of his work. Recently, he works as a volunteer for the Paramedic Service SMURD. He is well known by his fellows as an patient, kind and cerebral person. Also, he is engaged in a research project about the genocides in West Balkan. Therefore, I think that he would  significantly help You and your colleagues and students in Your work.

Best regards and wishes,
Mr.  Klaus Schrinker,
Medicine University  Schmidtenburg

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