Dear Sir,
I would like to address this recommendation letter to present Mr. Sorescu for the position of sales manager at Amazon Company. I met Mr. Sorescu when I had the first interview for my position as Sales Manager of my Company  .  Later, I became his colleague and boss. 
I have been working in the same team for a year, having the opportunity to observe her desire and professional development. As I have been able to observe, Mr. Sorescu is a smart, working and highly motivated person, able to always find the best solution for  problems encountered.  In the aforementioned department, Mr. Sorescu was responsible and devoted and contributed to the progress of the campaign. 
During one of our days he worked with our campaign, he had the chance to gain experience and improve in the field.  During the projects she was involved in, I noticed her teamwork skills, solving emerging issues, and a high level of creativity in product promotion.  At the same time, Mr. Sorescu has a professional, confident and proactive attitude, always offering suitable solutions, due to the ability to predict and think in general. Based on the above, we want to strongly recommend Mr. Sorescu to be hired  Sales Manager position.
CEO of OLX Romania.