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For and against studying hard

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Personally, I am against the intense study on a subject, taking Geography as an example. In my opinion, since Geography is not a specific subject for any of the disciplines of Philology, Computer Science and Natural Sciences, it does not require a thorough process of studying, though still should be treated as an important component to anyone's general knowledge.
In fact, I think every subject that is in a student's program should have an equal time of studying to not to load the memory with unnecessary information that will surely be lost over time. Once there is a balance between the time spent on each topic, there will be a diversification of the knowledge.



I don't know, I, personally, like geography. There are other subjucts that you don't have to study intense, I mean the ones that are only one year. And it's true, we shouldn't load our brain with all kinds of stuff, but we should take priority over the subjects that interest us.



Personally, I'm studying what I want to study. I don't care what kind of grades I'm gonna get in the biology class, for example, because my objective in life is not to become a doctor, nor something that has to do with biology in general. I'm only focusing on informatics and maths classes because, for me, those 2 classes are the most important of them all.



Personally, I think that the level of studying required for each class should vary on how important it is for the profile you chose. That's why the system was invented in the first place, after all. It makes no sense to focus as much on math as on literature in a Philology class, since they're most likely not going to use math to the extent they are going to use literature in their future.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » For and against studying hard