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Describe how some people dress

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For hundred of years, the fashion industry has changed, new trends have emerged, new styles, new collections, new fashion designers.
And since it existed, it has been proven that people are different, what others may love, others may dislike, what ,,cool" is for someone, for someone else is ,,uncool", which is fine.
It's and amazing thing to be different, our thoughts and ideas to differ and to wear whatever you want despite the hatred of others.
It's okay to wear what makes you comfortable and to find your own unique style. We shouldn't follow trends or other people opinions.
Some dress very colourful, some may like a darker approach. Some prefer expensive designer clothes, while others like affordable sh clothing. Then there are the ,,always wants to stand out" people and the ,, boring trend of the year" people.



While I do agree that everyone is free to wear whatever they want, I think it is a little bit too much to split everyone in only 2 sides. Why? Because I don't fit in any of these categories!! :)) I don't want to stand out, but I also don't really like the usual trends, so where am I? I just dress with what I think matches my 'aesthetic'.
See, I still like some trends. Fashion is difficult for someone so picky.



I agree with your ideas, that we should respect everybody's fashion choices as much as any other choices, and that each of us might have a different style and taste regarding what is fashionable or not, but maybe it would have been nice if you explained it a bit more and made the essay a little longer.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Describe how some people dress