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Describe a pretty house

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For me, a beautiful home, is a place where I feel good. It is a house that brings comfort and peace. Recently I moved to a new house and it took me some time to choose it. Now I'm going to describe my house, let me tell you by which criteria I have chosen it. My house is pretty spacious and bright. It is in a quiet area of ​​the city and safe (as parents wanted). The interior design is also practical in shades of white and warm colors. In the bathroom, the color of the walls is nude and I have in there some flowers. In my room I have a large, white bed and many mirrors. In the kitchen I organized everything as I like. I like to make cookies. The balcony is very spacious, there are two chairs and a table where I drink my coffee every morning. These are the main aspects of the house that I consider beautiful.



I like you're house. It seems like is very comfortable in there. I like bright an spacious houses too! Also I think that the colors represent an important aspect because a warm color will make you feel relaxed while a cold color will induce to you a nervos feeling.



I really like how you described your house. I can not say that you described it in detail, but you described it with love and that is the most important thing. I also think your home is a nice and warm place.  8-)



Hey there! I liked the way you described your little house, I can definitely tell that it's a welcoming and cozy house and I'm glad you feel at home inside it. Also, I liked the fact that it was organised. That's one of the most important things that will keep you away from searching something you need like crazy!



It was a wonderful description of your little and beautiful house. It's a little short, but every word said was full of pride(a good pride). If you like your house than that's all it matters.



Yea nice description and all, but it's not quite my style. I must say, it's way too bright and colorful for me. That's just my personal opinion regarding your composition, but yea, I really enjoyed reading it. It was quite enjoyable. Nice work!



Your house seems to be very nice, I like it so much! It's that kind of house very simple, but very beautiful and comfortable where you feel good. You described it very well and I can imagine your house reading the essay. Very good!



I liked the description of your home. I think everybody dreams of a house like yours.!
You said that you have a lot of mirrors in your room. Why do you need more than one mirror really? :)) Anyway, I think a pretty house should also have a garden... but nice work!!!

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Your house seems very cozy and chill. I like the way you described it and talked about it. Your bedroom must be really cool with all that mirrors and stuff. Even tho your story was a little short, I think it was perfect because i could imagine every little corner of your house while reading it, and you actually bought a little smile on my face because it looks like my dream house


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Describe a pretty house