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An injury

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Even if it has been 4 years, I still remember how boring and sad that summer was for me.
One day I was with my frinds in the neighborhood’s park and we were playing different games that were involving running. I stepped bad and I fell and broke my leg. It was terrible for me to stay home all the summer. Of course some friends were visiting me, and I enjoyed that but it wasn’t the same. The were telling me different stories that happened in the park or in their lives and I was so sad I couldn’t be there with them. I think I finished 6 or 7 series with maaaany episodes and nothing on the TV was appealing to me anymore because I knew almost every movie and TV show that were presented.
At the end of the summer vacation I removed my gypsum and went out. Even if I could go out only two weeks that summer they were perfect becaused I learned that I should live the moment when I have it, not to cry that i stayed home almost all the loved summer vacation.



I totally agree with you; we should always be able to see the full side of the glass, no matter how hard it could be. We should see, or at least try to see the beauty in every situation of our lives or, in the case in which there's no beauty in some specific situation, try to learn from our mistakes so we don't have to get there again.