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How money was important

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I had an older friend and he was like in the 12th class and he was 19 years old. He was preparing for his last finals exams which were 2 days away. It was a day of Friday and he was so bored like always, of school and he needed to be careful with his teacher, but he was just sleeping at his class and here were the consequences. His teacher was talking about reviewing all the lessons they had until that moment and learn all the weekend because Monday was ,,The Big Day" , but he wasn't paying attention to him. So, Saturday came up and he woke up at 12 o'clock at noon. He wasted time like 4 hours, then he went outside to meet his friends. He stayed until 8 PM and then he went in a club and stayed until 5 AM. Then, Sunday came up, and he woke up at 4 PM and went outside at 6 PM. He went again in the club and left at 3 AM. Then, ,, The Big Day'' came up and he didn't give a shit about his last exam. So he went there without knowing nothing and very relaxed. After the exam, he was leaving the school with a very big smile on his face. After 1 week, the results have been posted so he came to school and saw how much did he get. He got the maximum points and he passed the exam. Do you think it was something in the middle? In fact, yes it is. This is a millionaire's boy who doesn't give a shit about his kids. So 2 weeks back then, his father came to school and came at his teacher and gave him 1000 euros to pass his kid at the exam. The teacher, surprising, accepted the offer and did what he had to do. Nobody noticed this illegal thing and this boy had in front of him a bright future.
  That's how i found that money are important to others even if they are used illegal or wrong.



I totally agree with you, money can really make a difference in some of the aspects of life. They are, for unfortunately, the roots of many of the unfair things that are happening in this world. They were extremely important in the past centuries, but it seems that they are pretty important in the 21 century too. And instead changing it, people are discreetly accepting it, as this is very advantageous for some of them.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » How money was important