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(Diary) experiencing loss

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29th of May    2019

Dear Diary,
I was just preparing to leave school when a tragic event came up... i was called by my dad and he said that my lovely old aunt died of a heart attack. I have been devastated. I cried at the moment, then i started thinking of the great memories that we had and i started smiling thinking about how she taught me to cook pancakes when i was little. I also remembered when she learned me how to ride a bike and i remember at that moment, i was so hard to teach and she was so angry about it so she took a deep breath and she stayed with me until I learned. She was a very intelligent woman with knowledge about everything surrounding her. When she was young, she started being a journalist, then she moved up real quick, and started being an actress. She was very successful because of her beauty. She had black hair, some big green eyes, very big lips and she was skinny. Her look was always one to remember, she has always worn different outfits. I remember that in a morning we had breakfast and i saw a paper with some schedule or something and there was about how she was dressing from Monday to Sunday.Even if she did not get out of the house, she still dressed as she was written in the program. For example, from what I remember, Monday she was wearing a blue dress with white socks and some black shoes and Wednesday she was wearing a pink shirt with some skinny jeans on her and some trainers on. 
Now, I'm just thinking that i want to be like her, I want to be a person to remember. I want to help people, like her, i want to make people smile when they think of me, like her, i want... damn, I want her back... :'(



I understand how you feel, it can be extremely painful losing someone that you loved and admire so much, especially when that person loves you back. But life goes on, and whatever happens, we shouldn't let it affect our path through the life. We must adapt to every change in our lives. Because life is in a continuous change. I hope it helps you.  :rain:



Experiencing loss is a very painful feeling and I understand what you felt and I'm glad you thought about the things she taught you and you should never forget those. From what you wrote, I can see she was a beautiful, intelligent lady and I'm glad that you want to be like her, she would be proud of you.



I'm sorry for your lost. But I am glad to see that you remembered all those wonderful days. I think that when you lose someone you should think only about the good times with her and you shouldn't be sad because you didn't spend enough time with her. I'm sure she wants that you to be happy, brave and strong. And she sure is missing you. So be breve and smile at every memory you have with her.



I understand your fellings.  It is true that when you hear of someone's death, especially the death of a loved one, it is painful but this is the life. We have to accept that no one is immortal. I think that your aunt wants  you to be happy now. I know that it's impossible to forget her or  to forget the moment when you heard that she died. You should  remember the beautiful moments spent together.



I am so sorry for your loss; your aunt sounds like an amazing person. I'm glad, though, that you got to experience all that stuff with her and that, in the end, she makes you strive to better yourself and to become the best you you can be. Because in the end, her memory lives on through the people she surrounded herself with



You really poured out your soul in this composition. Well, even if it is really sad, I like how you manage to find light in your memories about your aunt. I understand what you are going through and it can get really dark, but it is always good to really value the precious memories you have with loved ones, because no one can take those from you. I am deeply sorry for what you had to go through, loosing a family member is hard enough without them also being a role model.



I m  sorry for your loss but we need to be prepared for that moment cause it will come someday. Try to make new beautiful memories and try to stay how close you can to your aunt/grandma/grandpa. if you will not do it maybe later you will regret it



I like that you wrote with a lot of feelings about your lost diary.  I like it because you introduced me in your text like I was you.
In conclusion, I like the text and my grad for you is 9/10.


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