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Describe a pretty apartament

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A pretty apartment? I think the prettiest I've ever seen is the apartment of a friend of mine.
I want to start by saying I like simple but modern things. Well, her apartment is decorated in three colors: white, black and gray.
For example, in bedrooms, THE furniture is white, with some black details, and THE curtains are gray. In the rest of the house, the furniture is white with black parts. All THE pieces of furniture have square and simple shapes. The chandeliers have geometric shapes, and bulbs have white light. It's an open-spaced apartment. In the kitchen and in the bathroom, the ceramic tiles are black and in the rooms, the parquet is gray. The appliances are made of stainless steel. THE carpets and sofa are black.
I really like the glass wall in the apartment's living room. During the day, the sunlight beats all the windows of the apartment, so it is a lighted house. At the same time, I adore the mirror walls in the dressing room of the apartment.
I know I gave some mixed details about a friend's apartment, but it's a brilliant home.

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I really enjoyed reading your essay and I honestly think that as the apartment is smaller as it is more comfortable. Beside that i also prefer this colour combinations in an apartment. I would also like to live in a White room because i asociate this colour with innocence and peace. Another colour combination that i usually wear is black and gray. I think that youy will never go wrong by combinating this two or three colours.



Wow, I have nothing bad to say than that I love this apartment. The way you described it is very good and while I was reading I could exactly make an picture of it in my head. It's awsome how someone could mixes 3 colours in such a good way. I like you essay very much!

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Describe a pretty apartament